What Can My Baby Eat? (No Teeth!)

(Earlier today, I answered the question “What can my 6-month-old eat?“) I get this question a lot, too. It also looks like, “My baby has no teeth! What can he eat?” 

“What can my baby eat? He’s got no teeth!”

This will be a shorter post than the last one.

The short answer: EVERYTHING.

The rest of that answer is this: Okay, not everything. But almost.

  • no added salt or sugar
  • no whole nuts
  • no honey in any form
  • grapes (and cherry tomatoes and other similarly-shaped firm foods) should be cut in half lengthwise

REMEMBER… your baby has no clue that he’s got no teeth. He doesn’t realize he’s not “supposed” to eat solid foods without teeth. He doesn’t think it’s weird or scary. It’s just new and fun and interesting and yummy. You’re the one with the holdup! C’mon, mom! 🙂 (Just pickin’.)

So, what it boils down to is your comfort level. The nice thing about baby led weaning is that you don’t need to make separate meals for your baby. Occasionally I make a slightly modified version that just adds 1-2 steps to what I’m already making. But I don’t have to make a totally separate meal. So if you’re having chicken with beans and rice, you should just give your baby chicken with beans and rice!

NOTE: Some babies will get frustrated with not being able to grab onto or “chew” certain foods. If that happens, try breaking it into a different shape or mashing it just a little. Sometimes, just a slight change will make a big difference. The biggest thing is that you don’t need to put food in your baby’s mouth. He will figure things out quickly enough; just give him time!


  • Victoria P

    The best advice I was given when we started at 6 months was if You can squish whatever you are cooking between your finger and thumb without much pressure your baby should be able to break it down with their gums. I always have trouble with carrots, though!

    • blwideas@gmail.com

      I like that!