What About Caffeine?

a note about I’m not going to tell you that a baby should have NO caffeine, ever. And I’m not going to tell you that you should give your baby soda or coffee!

Let me break it down a little bit. There are just a couple of places where a baby might consume a little bit of caffeine! 

1. Breastfeeding

If you’re a nursing mom, and you drink caffeine, some of that will go to your baby. Generally, it’s said that about 1% of the caffeine goes into the breastmilk. If you have two cups of plain ole brewed coffee, that’s about 300 mg of caffeine (and that’s considered safe while nursing). That means your baby is possibly drinking about 3 mg of caffeine, via your breastmilk. Most babies aren’t affected by this at all (if you notice changes in behavior after drinking extra coffee one day, then your baby may sensitive to the extra caffeine).

2. Chocolate

Chocolate and chocolate products have caffeine. They also have sugar, which, in my opinion, is a much bigger battle to fight. But that’s for another post. The caffeine in chocolate varies by product. You can search just about any product at Caffeine Informer. One example is a single Hershey kiss, which has 1 mg of caffeine. 

Some parents would rather restrict all caffeine, and that is totally fantastic. I’m not one of those people. I have two cups of iced coffee each day, and occasionally I’ll have half of a soda, too. But usually it’s just the unsweetened iced coffee.

I use cocoa in some of my recipes to make something chocolatey. You’ll see that I do break down the caffeine by the numbers to give you an idea. I won’t ever give my baby more than 3 mg of caffeine in a day, as that’s the maximum. It’s also not every day; it’s more like once a week. I am not recommending it, nor am I condemning it. 

Baby led weaning usually means that you offer what you are eating. If I happen to have chocolate pancakes with my bacon and scrambled eggs, I’ll offer a part of a pancake to the baby! It is a treat for both of us. 

So to recap: Caffeine is not entirely off-limits, but you want to limit it to about 3 mg a day for your baby. If you can avoid it altogether, more power to you!