Two Printables: Allergens and Choking Hazards


If you would like a visual to keep in your phone or on your fridge, this is for you! The lists are current as of November 2015. (The printable PDF is at the bottom. Both prints fit onto a single 8.5×11 sheet of paper.)

Because they’re meant to be a quick guide, they don’t include every single note that I would like to have mentioned. For example, I only listed a few wheat products and a few soy products, though there are more that exist. I didn’t talk at all about what to do if your child has an allergy or how to make substitutions. 

For the choking hazards, I make no mention of what to do in case of choking, and I don’t list every single exception to the rules. 

Important Note: ANY food can be an allergen. These are just the ones that have become most common. And ANY food can lead to choking. These are just the ones that are most common and also the ones that are hardest to retrieve, in the case of choking.

To read more about choking vs. gagging, go to this older post of mine.

Click here if you’d like to print the two cards. You can also just save the document to your mobile device. You might want to take a screenshot on your phone in order to save it as an image.