Off-Topic Tuesday: My Most-Used Kitchen Tools

off-topic Tuesday Since I started cooking more, I have found certain items to be my go-to tools. If you’re new to cooking or if you follow a lot of my recipes, you might pick up a few things that you don’t already have!

You can look back at any of my recipes to see when/where I use these. If you are wondering how I use any item, please just ask! Just about every one of these is exactly what I use. A few of them are older products, and I have no idea where I got them (like the baking sheets we use).

(Note, there are affiliate links below, which just means if you happen to buy something through a link I shared, I’ll get a tiny percentage of the sale. That just helps me keep up with this site!) Here are the items I use DAILY: Daily Items

(1) Nutri Bullet system – I used this HERE and HERE.
(2) Slotted spatula – I use this whenever I make pancakes!
(3) a good, sharp knife (the one I like) – I chopped onions HERE!
(4) alumunium foil – I use foil to reheat food a lot. It’s also good for cooking bacon!
(5) cast iron skillet – HERE and HERE and HERE
(6) a FLAT cast iron skillet – I use this for pancakes, eggs, or anything that isn’t too bulky.
(7) cutting board (similar) – Um, HELLO.
(8) heat-proof BPA-free storage containers – This is how I store and reheat most leftovers.
(9) baking sheets – Cookies!
(10) wooden spoon – I use it for making scrambled eggs or stirring anything.

 Here are the items I use WEEKLY:

Weekly Items

(1) Crock Pot – I haven’t done any crock pot meals for the blog, but we use it about once a week, I swear! Here’s an older recipe that is on my Pinterest page.
(2) non-stick muffin tin, or you can just get these silicone liners – I use a muffin tin a lot, like HERE.
(3) vegetable/fruit peeler – Did you see these Sweet Potato and Apple Fritters? SO GOOD.
(4) large metal pot – See the last suggestion…. A large pot is a MUST. 
(5) I love these measuring cups – I’ve got two sets of adorable measuring cups. See them at the bottom of this post.
(6) ground cinnamon! – If you still haven’t tried the best flourless pancakes ever, you MUST.
(7) mixing bowl – I think this one’s pretty obvious.
(8) parchment paper – This is new to me, but I’ve gone through a lot of it! It really helps keeping cookies from sticking to the pan! 
(9) apple corer – I also have an apple slicer that cores the apple. But sometimes, I want to cut the apple into chunks or into halves, and the slicer doesn’t work! Plus, that corer looks really cool.


Is there anything you find invaluable in your cooking?