This Week’s Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

Here are a few more details for the ideas above. Many of the ideas don’t really have a recipe! And some of it is leftovers. If you want more detailed meal plans with recipes attached, check out my products page


  • BACON POTATO OMELETS – I fry up some bacon. I dice and fry a few small potatoes. I cook the bacon and potato with a few green onions. Then I make omelets with the bacon, potato, and scallion inside, plus cheese. (I will make 2-3x the bacon + potato + scallion so I can reuse it later in the week.)
  • BLUEBERRY MUFFINS – I have two blueberry muffin recipes on my blog. I’m not sure which one I’ll use! Either this one or this one.
  • PUMPKIN PANCAKES – I’ll probably use my own recipe for these.
  • HUEVOS RANCHEROS – My version of this is a fried egg, shredded cheese, salsa, and avocado. I’ll probably make cornbread muffins as well.
  • POTATO SCRAMBLE – I’ll use the bacon + potato + scallion and just mix it into a few eggs!
  • PANCAKES + SMOOTHIES – I may just make traditional pancakes. For the smoothie, it will depend on how many vegetables we’ve been eating during the week. If need be, I’ll toss in some spinach or kale. If not, it will be just strawberry + banana.
  • PINWHEELS – I have one sheet of puff pastry in the freezer, so I’ll probably make some pizza pinwheels.


  • 3-INGREDIENT PIZZA – These pizzas are too easy and too good. Easy and quick lunch around here.
  • QUESADILLAS – This will be leftovers!
  • SHEPHERD’S PIE – This will also be leftovers. See “Dinner” for the actual recipes.
  • PB&J SANDWICHES – On lazy days, nothing beats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP – We have some pasta in the pantry. And we should have some leftover cooked chicken. I’ll toss in carrots and maybe potatoes or sweet potatoes as well.
  • TACOS – I will cook up some ground beef and serve that with salsa, avocado, sour cream, and shredded cheese.
  • BUNLESS BURGERS AND FRIES – If I have ground beef that is not used, I might make hamburgers (no buns) with sweet potato fries.


  • BACON TOMATO PASTA – I’ll use this recipe.
  • CHICKEN QUESADILLAS – This recipe.
  • SHEPHERD’S PIE – This recipe, except I use beef instead of lamb.
  • TURKEY-STUFFED PEPPERS – I couldn’t find the exact recipe online, but it is similar to this one.
  • PIZZA – We’ll just go pick up a pizza! We have a 50% off coupon that we may as well use.
  • SPAGHETTI + MEATBALLS – This is spaghetti squash and not actual pasta. The meatballs are just beef meatballs in a roasted red pepper sauce, but I could not find that recipe online anywhere. It’s via the emeals service and app. You can check out that service by clicking here, if you’re interested. (FIVE of the recipes from this week were found through emeals!)
  • Fab ideas, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Louise

    Great ideas! I’ve been getting into a boring same meals rut so this has helped. Shepherds pie with beef is called cottage pie btw 🙂

    • blwideas

      Ha! I had no idea! So shepherds pie has to be lamb?

      • Louise

        Yes absolutely! Shepherds looked after the sheep and I guess you lived in a cottage if you looked after the cows ?

        • blwideas

          Haha that’s interesting!!