Does Order of Consumption Matter?

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Someone brought this up to me recently: Should you eat your meat and your fruit at the same time, in the same meal?

I didn’t find any information about meat and fruit specifically, but I found a few things about “meat and carbs” and other combinations of foods. I didn’t find any information about the order of eating when it comes to babies! I’m guessing it’s because baby led weaning is a newer term, and there aren’t studies out there.  Keep Reading!...

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What Can My Baby Eat? (6 Months)

I get this question a lot. It also looks like, “Is this suitable for a 6 month old?”

They are totally valid questions. I asked them, too, back when my big baby was a littler baby. It just doesn’t make sense to give your 6-month-old (6mo) a steak with mashed potatoes and green beans, does it? But alas… it IS okay. For most, though, that isn’t a comfortable idea. Keep Reading!...

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