Baby Led Weaning on Vacation


Did you see my post last week about doing baby led weaning at restaurants

When I first sat down to write this post, I thought “Well, it’s basically the same thing as the restaurant post, right?” When you’re on vacation, you are eating out more often (okay, that’s how we vacation, anyway), so how will this post be any different? What can I add? How can I expound on the last post? I might have figured it out. 🙂 Keep Reading!...

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What I Know About Purees

What I Know About

I get asked a lot of questions about purees and transitioning from purees to baby led weaning.

Before I get into anything else, I want to formally define “weaning”. To wean means to “accustom an infant to food other than its mother’s milk.” Weaning is the transition period going from milk/formula to solids. Once your baby is used to eating foods (purees or otherwise), the weaning has ended, and your baby is just eating. It’s “finger foods”. The way you get to “finger foods” is either through purees (traditional weaning) or by just jumping in head first (BLW)… or a mixture of the two! But I’ll get to all that in a minute. Keep Reading!...

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What’s the Big Deal With Honey, Salt, and Sugar?


With baby led weaning, there are just a handful of “rules” that you’re supposed to follow. Three of them say no honey, no added salt, and no added sugar.

First, here’s a thought: Babies don’t know if something is “bland”. We have acquired tastes, as adults. We like sweet things and we like salty things. But babies have only been drinking breastmilk or formula for as long as they’ve been alive! So they don’t care if it’s “bland”. To them, it’s a brand new flavor.  Keep Reading!...

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