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These are ALL products we use on a weekly, if not daily, basis. There are only a few items for which I couldn’t find the EXACT product, so I just wrote “similar”. These are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you any extra money. It just means that if you use one of these links to buy anything, I get a tiny commission! It helps fund my blog costs!

kitchen essentials

1. Large (similar) and small pot (similar) 2. Large cast iron skillet 3. Small cast iron skillet 
4. Flat cast iron skillet 5. Set of baking sheets 6. Mini muffin tin 7. Wire cooling rack 
8. Colander (similar) 9. Fine mesh strainer (similar)

kitchen essentials

10. Mixing bowls 11. Chef’s knife and sharpening steel 12. Kitchen shears 13. Oven mitts 
14. 8×8 baking dish 15. Large casserole dish (similar)
16. Ramekins 17. Dutch oven (similar) 18. Tongs 

kitchen essentials

19. Wooden spoon 20. Ladle (similar) 21. Can opener (similar) 
22. Garlic press 23. Vegetable peeler 24. Spatula 25. Vegetti 
26. NutriBullet 27. Ninja 28. Slow cooker

kitchen essentials

29. Glass storage containers 30. Measuring cups 31. Measuring spoons 32. Prep bowls (similar)
33. Kitchen towels (similar) 34. Cutting board for veggies 35. Cutting board for meats (similar)
36. Mason jars for storing homemade sauces, soups, etc. 


These are items we use on a very regular basis. You can make a ton of meals with the things below. These items are things we have on hand nearly 100% of the time. Not all of them can be bought on the Internet! I just figured it would be useful to list everything in one place.

pantry essentials

1. Olive oil (not extra virgin) 2. Coconut oil 3. Coconut flour 4. Almond butter
5. Cashew butter 6. Lara Bars 7. Sea salt  8. Pepper mill
9. Canned coconut milk 10. Kerrygold butter

pantry essentials

11. Instant oats 12. All purpose flour 13. Mini chocolate chips
14. Diced tomatoes 15. Tomato paste 16. Coconut aminos
17. Baking powder 18. Rice 19. Chicken broth 20. Pasta sauce

pantry essentials

21. Canned green beans 22. Raisins 23. Flour tortillas
24. Sweet potatoes 25. Avocados 26. Onions 27. Garlic
28. Potatoes 29. Eggs

pantry essentials

30. Grass-fed ground beef 31. Chicken thighs 32. Dried pasta33. Shredded cheese 34. Canned tuna 35. Canned crab36. Bananas 37. Unsweetened applesauce 38. Ground cinnamon


These are baby-related products that we’ve used and enjoyed! They’re all related to baby solids, even if it’s indirectly (like diaper stuff). There are a few products I have heard great things about, but since I haven’t tried them myself, I can’t recommend them!

baby essentials

1. NumNum spoons 2. EZPZ Happy Mat 3. EZPZ Happy Bowl
4. ReSqueeze reusable food pouches 5. Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair
6. Doidy cup 7. Munchkin ice pop mold 8. Zipzicle ice pop mold
9. PlanetBox lunch box 10. Oxo Tot snack container

baby essentials

11. BumGenius AIOs 12. BumGenius 13. Alva inserts
14. Blueberry wet bag 15. Simple Human trash can 16. Diaper Genie
17. Bac Out 18. Spray Pal

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.17.59 PM

I must also add our favorite bibs! They are from Bapron Baby. You can get yours here!



Each pack of cards is a PDF with 10 or 11 cards that are index card sized. Each card includes servings, prep time, cook time, ingredients, and directions. Many cards include ideas for what to serve along with the main recipe. Each pack of 10-11 cards is $1.00 (USD). This site is secure! You can’t use PayPal, but credit cards are accepted, and foreign cards should not be a problem. If you click the links below, you can see a little preview of how the cards look.

1. Dinner Recipe Cards #1: buy them HERE 

2. Dinner Recipe Cards #2: buy them HERE

3. Breakfast Recipe Cards: buy them HERE

NOTE: I’m sorry, I’m unable to combine any cards into a new pack! 

Here is a second meal plan: This one has 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners, plus snacks and a full shopping list! You can purchase it for $1.99. CLICK HERE or click the image below.

week long meal plan

A Comprehensive Meal Plan for Families with Babies (PDF), written by me!:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.28.09 AM


A Basic Meal Plan for Families with Babies (PDF), also by me:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 7.11.27 PM

A Beginner’s Guide to Baby Led Weaning (PDF), written by me!:

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.23.30 PM