Off-Topic Tuesday: Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers: They’re not as scary as you think! CLOTH DIAPERS-   Today is a guest post from Kristen (@theaveragemommy). Feel free to leave comments HERE or you can ask her directly on her Instagram feed!

It’s Not As Scary As You Think It Is. It’s that time of year again: spook houses, trails of terror, and the Saw movies 1-82 on t.v.  But today’s topic is one that can make even grown men whimper: Cloth Diapers.  Some of you cringed, some of you leaned closer intrigued, and the ones who already know? They grinned. When I was pregnant, I had a couple of friends who cloth diapered. Man, they drove me insane about it. Every chance they got, they were telling my husband and me how much they love them. Let me tell you, we had less than zero interest. We both chuckled to each other about how that was nice for them, but we would never be dunking diapers in our house. Fast forward 5 months and I had learned an important truth. At any point in my life before kids, getting poop on my hand would have been a catastrophic, gag-inducing event. What I soon realized is as parents, it doesn’t matter what kind of diaper you use. You will be getting poop on your hand. For us, it was scrubbing it out of her clothes when she had blowout after blowout. I was keeping Oxiclean in business. When my little one was 5 months old, I had enough and started looking into cloth diapering. Now I’m the crazy diaper lady. So let’s cover all the reasons I swore I would never cloth diaper!  1409257456867 “I can barely keep up with laundry as it is. No way do I have time for all of that!”  This was one of my number one fears when I decided to try cloth. I hate laundry. I hate the way it leers at me as it multiplies in the corner. I hate the way it doesn’t put itself away. Truly though, cloth diapering has added minimal work to my week. I wash diapers every 3rd day (and *gasp* sometimes I go 4 days).  I do a warm rinse, a warm wash, and one last rinse. This takes maybe 45 minutes. I toss my inserts in the dryer and hang my diapers around the house. No special detergent (just free of softeners), no clothesline, no college degree required. cloth-diapers “I’ve spent copious amounts of money on tiny matching Prada jumpsuits. Cloth diapers are too expensive.”  We are a one income family. I had a closet full of Pampers and was enjoying the fruits of our baby showers. Those diapers started to run out and it happened to coincide with me being sick of scrubbing clothes. In 2.5 years, disposables will cost you about $2,300. This nifty little infographic says cloth diapers can be had for $775. I’m here to tell you that it can be done a lot cheaper than that. Over the last 5 months, I’ve probably spent $250. Some of that was frivolous and it could be done for less. If cost is your concern, covers and inserts of some kind are your most cost effective option. They are also my favorite way to diaper. Flour sack towels can be found at Wal-Mart 5 for $5 and they are very absorbent. Co-Ops are another great way to save dough. Co-Ops buy in bulk together to keep costs down. Facebook is the easiest way to find a co-op. Do your homework and make sure they are reputable. “Wait… why does that little picture say something about resale? People buy used diapers?! Isn’t that gross?” This was my husband’s biggest hang up when we started. Yes, many people sell their diapers after use. This is a great way to try different types of diapers or to work on a budget. Are you a little grossed out by this? If you’ve ever bought second hand kids clothes, chances are they’ve had poop on them at some point too. Whenever you buy or sell used diapers, use good judgment and disinfect them when you get them. Good as new! 20141006_214858 20141006_214635 “Let’s get down and dirty here… tell me about The Poop.” Here’s the good news if you exclusively breastfeed, the washer is your friend. Breastfed poop is water soluble and you can just toss the diapers in the wash. No muss, no fuss! If your baby is formula fed or eating solid foods, it’s still pretty simple. You spray it, dunk it, or plop it (anyone else read that like the old “Bop It” game?) Many people don’t buy anything to clean their diapers with and they dunk and swish in the toilet. Some people buy a diaper sprayer that attaches very easily to your toilet. At some beautiful point, you can just turn the diaper inside out and plop it into the commode. As for me, well we’re a little less conventional during warm weather and we spray them off with the garden hose. 20141006_214936 “Fine. You’ve worn me down. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all. Where do I start?” For me, I like simple and I like it to be broken down. There are a lot of great websites that can help clear the confusion. One I often recommend is Utilize YouTube to help you sift through everything from how to put them on to what brand reviews (check out Ambrosia Ekelman’s YouTube channel)!  Remember, it’s not all or nothing. We LOVE cloth diapering, but still use a disposable at night while we try to figure out a nighttime solution! Thanks for tuning in to Off Topic Tuesday at BLW Ideas! The Average Mommy

  • Meg

    Any tips for keeping cloth clean at mealtime ? Some of my pockets have gotten stained by avocado and strawberry despite my best efforts to keep a towel tucked in.

    • blwideas

      Try setting apart 3-4 plain onesies as your “eating” onesies and just use those for meals. It’s okay if they get stained because that’s their purpose!