Off-Topic Tuesday: Instagram Tips


Today, for Off-Topic Tuesday, I’m sharing a bunch of useful Instagram tips. I have gotten specifics questions over the past few months, so I figured I would address them all at once! I DO include some of the seriously basic, never-used-Instagram-before kind of tips. But I figured I would be thorough.

NOTE: I have an iPhone 5, so Instagram may be very different on a Samsung or other device. (Any of you guys want to watch this and fill me in?)

After the video, I share the tips in words. Enjoy!

1. Editing and Posting a Photo

  • Tap the “camera” button.
  • Go to your Camera Roll or tap the big blue button to take a new picture.
  • Choose a photo and click NEXT. 
  • Tap the wrench button to change photo settings.
  • Play with the photo settings! (Brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, etc.)
  • Click NEXT.
  • Type your caption and click SHARE.

2. Adding Paragraphs in a Caption, Tagging People, and Using Hashtags

  • Use the @ symbol to tag someone in a caption.
  • Go to the number keypad and press “Return” to create a new paragraph.
  • Use the # symbol to create a hashtag. A unique hashtag makes it easier to find a photo later. For example, #babyboy is used by a lot of people. But #bethanylovesherbabyboy is a little more specific and will be easier to find later.
  • To tag someone in the photo (without the name showing up in the caption), click “Tag People”, then type the person’s username.

3. Searching for Hashtags

  • Tap the Explore button (looks like a compass).
  • Select “Hashtags” at the top.
  • Either search for a key term, or select one you’ve used recently.

4. Liking, Commenting, and Replying

  • To like a picture, just double-tap it.  You can also scroll down and click “Like”.
  • To leave a comment, press “Comment”. Type your comment and click “Send”.
  • From that screen, you can reply to a comment by swiping LEFT then clicking the arrow.
  • To delete a comment, swipe LEFT on the comment and click the trashcan. [NOTE: You can only delete comments on your own pictures.]

5. Reading and Sending Direct Messages

  • Go to your home screen, and tap the box at the top right of the screen.
  • (If you have any messages, you can reply to them there.)
  • To send a direct message, click the + sign.
  • Choose which picture you want to send, from your Camera Roll or by taking a new picture.
  • Click NEXT, type a caption, and choose recipients.
  • Click Send!

6. Sharing or Deleting a Picture

  • Select the picture you want to share or delete.
  • Click the ellipses (3 dots).
  • There are a lot of options (Share, Delete, Copy URL…).


Was that helpful?

Do you have questions that I didn’t answer?