November 2015 Q&A



When doing BLW do I give any puréed food ? Not sure how to start. I EBF. My baby is 4 months, and I will start at 6 months but I’m not sure how? What do I start with?

No purées necessary, though you can include a few of them (think mashed potatoes). If you do include them, it’s technically called combination feeding or traditional weaning with table foods starting early. Baby led weaning is when you let the baby eat what they want, chosen from the things you put in front of them! Check out for lots of good info.

I’m just starting to give my 6 month old more blw foods, she has been on purées since 4 months & took to them great but has now gone off them, hence me having to give more blw foods.. She doesn’t seem to actually be eating/swallowing much, for example she had chicken today and whilst putting lots of it in her mouth she didn’t actually seem to be getting much down – is this normal? She doesn’t have any teeth yet x

That’s definitely normal! When you introduce table foods, a lot of babies don’t take to it right away. After taking purées for so long, they have learned that they don’t need to chew and only need to swallow! So it takes some figuring out. 6 months is still very young – give it a few more weeks! Good luck 🙂


What’s the best way to test for allergies? Hubby had some major ones as a child so I want to be careful with our son. He’s 7 months and has already had a bunch of foods, but I’m kind of scared to try eggs, nut butters, etc

Great question! I’m not an expert on this, but I’ve read a bit about it! Basically just offer a bite of an allergen. Then wait a day or two. Generally, a reaction will happen right away (redness/rash). Sometimes, though, it’ll show up the next day as diarrhea or another tummy issue. Also, don’t offer more than one allergen at a time! Within 2 weeks, you’ll have tested them all and then you can really offer anything you’re eating!


Crunchy veg like raw apples and carrots need to wait till they have more teeth, right?

I would hold off on CHUNKS of raw apples and carrots (and other firm stuff) until those back teeth have gotten some practice. That said, you can lightly steam them (or even microwave them for 1-2 minutes) to soften them. I love sautéd fruits and vegetables!

How can she eat apple or pear? ( 9 months. ) 

I love sautéd apple and pear! Sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon and cook until tender. You can also cut them in half, scoop out the seeds, and bake them in the oven! 

How do I get my 18 month old to eat veggies? He used to love them but now won’t touch them!

Alexander goes back and forth with vegetables. There are a few that he loves, like mashed sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. He WILL eat vegetables in a smoothie. He’ll eat broccoli and asparagus if it’s in a frittata! And he’ll vegetables that are in a big pot of soup. Eating them plain is not very successful anymore! You are not alone. 🙂


When did you start to give water? Did you do a sippy or regular cup?

We gave sips of water around 8-9 months, but he started getting a little cup of water around 12 months. I think it depends on where you live. Some places are way hotter, and it’s not always possible for baby to nurse/take a bottle all day long. So small sips of water are important for hydration. We used a regular cup nearly the whole time. A baby can handle an open cup better than you’d expect! There’s one in particular called a Doidy Cup that’s designed differently and is easier to use for a baby. We skipped the sippies altogether. 🙂

When can I serve cheese? Would you serve as cheese sticks or shredded?

Cheese is fine at 6 months, as long as there’s no dairy intolerance/allergy. String cheese is a choking hazard, so cut it in half lengthwise first. Shredded cheese is great, but it’s tough for little hands to grab onto! 

How and when did you first introduce peanut butter? I was thinking of trying it in oatmeal for my 10 month old? 🙂

Peanut butter is a major allergen (check out for some extra info). That said, it’s better to introduce it earlier rather than later! If baby has had oatmeal then swirl in a little peanut butter. It’s delicious!

I can only get my 1 yo to eat a boiled egg and Cheerios, any similar bland foods she might be into?

Applesauce or avocado. Smoothies are another great one. If she’ll take eggs another way, I would incorporate some vegetables into an omelet or quiche!

Your food always looks good, but my lo still has no teeth even at 1yr old, so what food best to eat. My lo would happily eat fruits and ellas kitchen all day lol.

At that age, ANYTHING is okay! Seriously. Just try whatever you are eating. 

Have you tried cooking with any other types of flours? Coconut, spelt? I’ve been hoping to find some good muffin recipes minus typical wheat/white flour

I have only used almond flour and coconut flour, but for the most part, I always include white flour too. Coconut flour, I’ll use to thicken things. Minimalist Baker is great for that sort of cooking, though! And her recipes are always amazing. If you find a recipe that excludes wheat/white flour, but it’s got a lot of sugar, just let me know, and I can help with baby-friendly modifications!

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