My Daily Routine

I don’t like schedules, but I do like routine. I do the same things every morning, afternoon, and evening, though it may not be the same times every day. I will also touch on mealtimes a little more heavily since this is a food blog! It’s also important to note that this is my current routine, with a 2-year-old, and things will be very different in 3 months when I have a newborn as well.

I wake up when Alexander wakes up, usually. He’s a late-to-bed, late-to-rise toddler, which is nice. Generally that looks like 8:30-9:00 pm for going to sleep and about 9:00 am for waking up. He sleeps with us, and my husband is up and at ’em by around 6:00 am. Then, around 8:30, Alexander starts to stir and mumble. This morning, he started saying his ABCs, and that’s when I knew it was time to get up!

What we do next:

  • We brush our teeth.
  • I change his diaper.
  • I make breakfast while he plays in his little “school” area. (Here’s my other blog, if you’re interested.)

Breakfast is our favorite meal, I’m pretty sure. It takes 20-30 minutes most mornings. I make our plates. I call out to Alexander that it’s time to eat, so he goes into the dining room and turns on the lights. Then he climbs onto his chair while I set up our plates and drinks. After breakfast, he climbs down and goes back to “school” while I clean up the dishes.

After breakfast, I assess what we are doing for the day. Sometimes, that means a trip to the library, the craft store, or the grocery store. Other times, it is a trip to the park or playground. We try to get those things done after breakfast, so we will get dressed and out the door pretty quickly.

Otherwise, it’s school time! We play puzzles, do sensorial activities, matching games, and more. I’ve got a lot of that outlined on my other blog.

One or two days a week, this is the time when I clean. Alexander sometimes plays on his own or helps me with cleaning.

Snacks are easy because Alexander has gotten to the age where he can tell me if he wants a snack and what it is that he wants. It’s usually a banana or applesauce, and that’s alright with me.

Lunch falls about an hour before nap time. I start putting the meal together; Alexander helps with food prep when possible. Lunch goes the same as breakfast! He turns on the lights while I set the table. And then we clean things up.

After lunch, we get ready for a nap. That generally means we read a few books beforehand. He doesn’t always fall asleep, so we play it by ear. When he does fall asleep, it gives me an opportunity to catch up on emails, blog stuff, or play with foods in the kitchen. His naps are totally unpredictable! Anywhere from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours, so I don’t usually plan much. I just have an ongoing to-do list that I slowly check off while he sleeps each day.

The rest of the day is more of the same. We play and do school. My husband gets home around 6:30 pm. Dinner is usually started at that point, and we usually eat dinner between 7:00 and 7:30.

Night time routine. After a bit of family time, we head upstairs and take a bath or shower. Then Alexander gets a diaper for the night, brushes his teeth, and we read a few books in bed. Finally, it’s lights out for little man, and either my husband and I walk around or cuddle with Alexander until he falls asleep. 

My husband and I have some time together most nights after Alexander falls asleep. That’s when we watch grownup TV and eat ice cream. *smile*

It’s such an interesting story that we have in our house. Every day, mostly the same, but every day is different. We go through our routines and try to make the most of every moment. Having a routine is helpful for me, but I don’t like a schedule. I like having some flexibility!

I know our day may look far different from yours, but I wanted to share a glimpse into our life here! 

Share some of your day in the comments. I love getting to know my readers/followers!