Lunchbox Ideas for Baby Led Weaning #1

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I am a stay-at-home mom, so for me, a lunchbox (or lunchbox lunch) isn’t necessary. But many of you guys do need lunchbox ideas. Your baby/toddler goes to daycare, and you need some ideas for foods that aren’t too messy, don’t need a lot of preparation, and generally hold up well for several hours. So I’m starting a little series today. Lunchbox Ideas for Baby Led Weaning. 

Many of them won’t work for you, so just pick and choose that ideas that do. 

I’m using a PlanetBox lunchbox for this series. You can purchase your own HERE. (That’s a Planetbox affiliate link! That just means if you happen to buy a lunchbox there, I’ll get a small commission, which helps me keep the blog running!)

Without further ado, here is my lunchbox idea #1.


1. Cherry tomatoes cut into quarters
2. Thin slices of leftover lamb meat and slices of a boiled egg
3. Almond butter packaged into plastic wrap (see more below)
4. Blueberry pancake bites (recipe)
5. Sweet potato chips (slice thin, place on parchment paper, cook at 400F for 25-30 minutes)


Here’s Alexander eating the almond butter. I simply rolled it into some plastic wrap and left the ends open. Since almond butter (and other nut butters) are generally not super runny, this worked well. He just had to squeeze on it to make it come out of one end. He figured it out quickly and sucked/squeezed until it was basically empty. 

I could have used a spoon.

But what fun is that? I tried to make this box hands-on only with no need for utensils. 

Now, like I said, this isn’t for everyone. Your baby may have an egg allergy or a nut allergy. Or he may have a sensitivity to tomatoes. Or maybe you haven’t tried meats yet.

Either way, this is just box #1. I’ll try to keep it interesting, one box to the next! If you’ve got any requests regarding these boxes, fill me in, and I’ll do my best to accommodate. 

Happy weaning!