Loaded Scrambled Eggs (6 months+)

I’ve been off my blogging game for a long time. I come up with new meal ideas nearly every week, sometimes several. I just don’t have the eye for food photography, so since the pictures I take of the meals aren’t super inviting or particularly beautiful, I say “next time.” “Next time, I’ll take good pictures and share this one.” I’ve come to realize that’s not going to happen, and I’m okay with it!

The food is good and family-friendly, so I will share the ideas. I think progress (step by step) pictures are more valuable than a pretty final picture. I’m saying that even though I didn’t take any progress pictures this time. *face palm* I will try to do that next time I’m making something new!

This is a twist on scrambled eggs. Alexander hasn’t been eating eggs much lately, but he devoured this and then wanted seconds. Annabelle is 20 months (almost) and still pretty much eats every thing I offer her. So this dish is good for your child who still may not be into eggs or he’s no longer interested in them. (SEE NOTE at the bottom regarding allergies and how to serve this to a beginner!)

In addition, it is Paleo and Whole30 and gluten-free and dairy-free. You can add cheese if that’s your thing. I would have, if we had any! But it was really good just as it is.

My style of cooking is to wing it. I don’t measure most of the time, unless I’m baking. I used to be obsessed with measuring, when I first started cooking, but it’s way more fun to play around with food and just see what happens. Most of the time (unless you’re baking, again) it will be just fine. 

In this dish, and similar dishes, it’s important to know general cook times for the different components. In this dish, you wouldn’t want to put the potatoes in at the end because they take a while to cook. 

Ingredients for this dish are

  • 2 slices of sugar-free bacon (any bacon will work, but it should be sugar-free if you’re doing Whole30), cut into small pieces
  • a few potatoes (I used small Russets, but one really big one would work too)
  • butter or ghee since 2 slices of bacon don’t yield enough fat to cook the potatoes (at least not in cast iron) — if dairy-free, just use some coconut or olive oil instead
  • 2 green onions
  • some eggs (I used 5 eggs for me and the kids, but we had some leftovers, so I think 4 would have been enough)
  • salt, if your baby is older than age 1
  • cheese, optional (and not Paleo, Whole30, or dairy-free!)

A few tips first:

  • The bacon will cook faster if you cut it into small pieces first, but you can use precooked bacon and just add it at the end instead.
  • Dice the potatoes ahead of time and store them in water in the fridge. That keeps them from getting brown. You can also stick them in the microwave a few minutes to get them a little soft. That will cut down on the cooking time.
  • I used green onion because it shrinks while it cooks. Use regular onion if you don’t mind the bigger pieces. 
  • Add other veggies you like, but I can’t vouch for them. I’m a fan of the bacon + potato + egg combo, so I don’t usually sway from it.


  1. Add the little pieces of bacon to a skillet and cook on medium heat.
  2. While that cooks, chop your potatoes. If you’re slower with chopping, you may want to do this prep work ahead of time.
  3. Add the potatoes to the bacon. Add a spoonful of ghee or butter (or oil) at this point. If they’re still sticking, add more fat. 
  4. While that cooks, chop your green onion. I use the whole thing except the root.
  5. Add them to the pan. You can wait a few minutes, but I don’t mind if they get shriveled. If you want them to stay green and a little crunchy, add them at the end, after the eggs.
  6. Beat your eggs in a bowl. I put salt in them at this point, but if AB were younger than a year, I would not do this.
  7. When the potatoes are fork tender, add the eggs and just combine everything until you don’t see anymore raw egg hanging out! 

If you’re adding cheese, I would add it to the individual bowls and stir to combine. If you do it in the pan, the cheese will probably stick to the pan. That’s wasted cheese! Save the cheese!

This is fairly quick, filling, tasty, and good for any meal, but we do typically eat it for breakfast.


Because this is similar to a casserole, a beginner should have no issue picking up handfuls of this. The egg serves as a binding agent, holding it all together. If your little one is allergic to eggs, this will not stay together as well; the individual pieces are pretty small for a 6-7 month old, so you will want to cut the potatoes larger. You can give it a shot as is and see what happens, but don’t be surprised if your younger eater gets frustrated by the size! BACON? Bacon is a hot topic these days. We have a little each week. This ended up being 4 servings, so each serving contained 1/2 piece of bacon. I’m okay with that amount, twice a week, maybe three times. If you prefer to avoid it (or are vegetarian), just omit it. You’ll need to add a little extra fat in the pan, though, to keep the potatoes from sticking.


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