I Used To Hate Cooking

These days, if I’m in the mood for a chocolate cake, I can usually whip one up with the ingredients I have, even if I have to make substitutions. If I want a pizza, I’ll make one. If the pantry is mostly empty, I can come up with something for any meal, using what we have. (Not just cake and pizza. But I’m pregnant, and those are the foods that are on my brain right now!)

When we first started out with baby led weaning, it was December 2013. I could barely make macaroni and cheese or scrambled eggs. I could not cook rice or chicken. Any sort of baked good was almost always a disaster. Following a recipe was successful about 50% of the time. Usually it was too dry, undercooked, too salty, or not salty enough. I tried! I really did. But I failed quite a lot.

Fortunately, my husband has always been a confident cook. And Alexander only had one meal a day for the first month or two. My husband would cook dinner at least 5 times a week, so Alexander had a good meal most days. I realized that this arrangement would not last! I had to figure out this whole cooking thing. I committed to myself and to my husband that I would cook one dinner per week.

For a long time, that one meal a week was just awful. I made something tasty on occasion, but mostly it was simply… good enough. We had eggs and some sort of bread most mornings because that was the easiest thing I could put together. Alexander ate a lot of fruit since it required no cooking!

Finally, after 4-5 months, I started figuring things out. I followed lots of recipes and started putting together tidbits of information. I learned that baking powder helps baked goods to rise. I learned that rice is cooked in water in a 1:2 ratio (1 cup rice + 2 cups water). I figured out how to cook eggs over easy, over hard, poached, scrambled, and more. I learned the Julia Child method of making a good omelet. I figured out what parchment paper was and when/how to use it! I learned how to cook meats to various internal temperatures and that, usually, meat with the bone left in will be juicier.

Those things took a lot of time, trial, and error.

As with most things, when you start to do well at something, you start to enjoy it. 

After more than 6 months, I started gaining confidence in the kitchen. And with that confidence, I started to enjoy the time I spent there. Now, I feel confident enough to make nearly anything. I feel confident enough to answer questions that you guys ask me. And I learn new things all the time! 

I don’t hate cooking anymore. I would even go so far as to say I LIKE COOKING. Bethany from 1.5 years ago would have thought that was impossible!


So if you’re in that beginning stage, just know that I was there too. And it was not too long ago! I pushed myself and committed to getting better for Alexander. (I had tried to get into cooking many times before, but I had no real motivation. Once we started solids, I had some motivation!)

Stick to it. Try new recipes. Don’t be afraid to mess up. Google stuff whenever you’re not sure about something! And it will come. Slowly but surely, you’ll find some confidence. You’ll figure things out. And hopefully you will like cooking eventually too!

  • mairafs

    This post gives me hope ?

    • blwideas

      I’m glad!