How to Clean Up After a Meal


Today’s guest post is quick and to-the-point! Thanks to Ana Paula Faulhaber Góes (on Instagram at @aninhafau)

Hi, guys!

BLW can be very messy! So, before we start a meal it really helps organizing the set.

For the kitchen floor, I used a plastic cover under the baby’s chair. When she threw things away or let things slip through her fingers, it was easy to clean. I only had to take the plastic cover away and clean it! I had two plastics, because some days I just didn’t have time to clean it before the next day. After all, babies have easier and harder days… And starting on solids is already too much pressure!

For the baby, the best thing is having them wear only diapers during the meal. And then, when it’s over, give them a shower and clean then up. If it’s cold, you can put an apron that has long sleeves and protects the clothes. 

What really helped with cleaning, other than the “covered floor and baby” was having a dog! My dog loooves meal time, and most of food was cleaned by her! This is definitely the best help I could use.

Hope you guys can use these tips and that they help you choose BLW! The only hard part about this method is the mess. Everything else is wonderful!

I’d like to add a few of my own tips!

  • You can have a few one-piece outfits that are JUST for eating. I bought several white onesies for $5.00 and only used them for eating!
  • Lots of folks like long-sleeved bibs. Others like those bibs that catch falling food.
  • Put a blanket underneath the chair that you can shake out in the sink then just toss in the laundry.
  • Food in the hair and on the face? Just a wet cloth was always good enough for me! 


Do you have any tips for cleaning up after meals?