Ham and Cheese Quiche

This isn’t a new recipe. I didn’t adapt it at all. But I wanted to share it because it was really easy and is definitely baby-friendly. The things you may want to look out for are the packaged ham (could be too salty) and the egg/cream/flour/cheese (possible allergens).

I used a store-bought crust but didn’t have the right kind of pan, so I just fit the crust to the square pan!

I used this recipe from Taste of Home. I split it in half because that recipe makes two 9-inch quiches. Just so you can see the pictures along the way, here are the pictures I took while I was making it. At the bottom, I share my split-in-half version of the recipe. But that’s the only “modification” I made. Is that even a modification? 







Oh, I also made a chocolate pie (this recipe). We had two pie crusts in the freezer that we needed to get rid of before moving out, so I just made two pies to give away!


  • What a great coincidence. I want to make breakfast quiche for my husband this week. This is great inspiration.

    • blwideas

      This one was the BOMB. Did you try it yet?