Meals and Snacks to Take to Daycare

TEXT HERE (There are a few affiliate links here. That means, if you click any of those product links and buy something, I get a small commission. That just helps keep the site running!) IMPORTANT: It’s crucial that you explain to your daycare/childminder/nanny exactly how food should be presented or served to your baby! Not everyone is familiar with baby led weaning and may cut food into very small pieces or even mash it. If you want them to serve the food as is, let them know! Here is a card you are welcome to save and print and take with you (it’s a VERY simple PDF)!

Card for a boy

Card for a girl

For daycare, you need some food/meal ideas that will travel easily, aren’t terribly messy, and don’t necessarily need to be heated (can be eaten cold or room temperature). I will assume that your child in daycare needs a lunch and perhaps a snack, so I’ve put together a few ideas for you! First, I came across this cute lunch box you can use, if you don’t already have one:

You can also get a set of glass tupperware containers or use ziploc bags. Here is a reusable option if you don’t want the plastic kind:

Now, what in the world can you put in those containers?

Here are 5 meals and 5 snacks that you can send with your 6-month-old (and older) to daycare:


meals for daycare

1. spinach quiche, sweet potato fries, cucumber slices

2. meatballs, roasted asparagus, sweet potato cookie

3. chickpea patties, hard-boiled egg, tomato slices

4. spinach pinwheels, banana, roasted carrot sticks

5. crab cake, brussel sprouts, mini corn on the cob


snacks for daycare

1. blueberries

2. pancake bite

3. grapes cut in half lengthwise

4. cinnamon oat bar

5. mini Babybel cheese


Follower Suggestions!

I asked my Instagram followers to give me a few ideas, and here’s what I got:

1. Fruits (bananas, apples, berries, nectarine, pear …) veggies (baby carrots, broccoli, celery, avocado, tomato, cucumber, peas, green beans, sugar snap, potato, sweet potato.. ) raisins, crepes, banana & date bread, baked donuts, smoothies, freezer dried fruits, homemade cakes, pancakes and frittatas, waffles, soups in thermos, boiled egg, oaties (oat cookies), pudding (rice pudding or avocado pudding) — from @nura.s.a

2. I make some kind of veggie fritter and cut up fruit that does not make much mess. My dd is 8 months. — from @hleidson

3. Veggie patties (steamed mixed veggies, egg, shredded cheese, breadcrumbs), grape tomatoes, lots of fruit, pieces of chicken or chicken sausage, cheese sticks, Cheerios — from @jltrudeau

4. I did a pancake for breakfast, with 2 bananas, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 tbsp of ferment and 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal. Laura loved it. I fried in coconut oil. So delicious! — from @prips12

5. easy foods that arent too messy. i.e noodles with a meat, mac and cheese, quesadillas, pancakes, cheese sticks for snacks. cut up foods according to how you’d like them in advance and leave a note so they arent cutting them too small for them. Be very clear about how you want them to be eating and if they are uncomfortable with it be sure they let you know. — from @pnutmeeds

6. Vegetable fritters: sweetcorn, pea, carrot, courgette, sweet potato. Some recipes at @mylovelylittlelunchbox website. Also muffins- feta and and spinach, carrot, courgettes and cheese. Courgette corn and cheese. Quinoa bites. — from @mrs_p_2011

7. Hi. I made some great mashed potato patties (left over mash, finely chopped cooked onion, very fine broccoli, grated cheese, garlic, 1 egg). All mixed together and rolled into small balls and flattened onto a tray and put into the oven until they have a bit of colour. Not very messy and you can put other veggies in too. — from @abbiemelia

8. We successfully did BLW and full time daycare. I had to inform them on how it works, but once we educated them they loved it. One of her favorites is tofu stir fry and frittatas. We also give her fresh fruit everyday in her food bag. We do steamed veggies, chicken, quesadillas, turkey lunch meat, cheese and crackers. I don’t send any red sauce in with her, her teachers have enough to clean up so I try not to add to the mess. Food is provided at our daycare, but I don’t allow her to eat it. — anonymous

9. For anyone who does BLW in daycare, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain BLW to your providers! I had a child in our center who did BLW and the mom didn’t explain anything so we just cut all his food into bits, mashed it, etc.. none of us had heard about BLW so we thought she was just being lazy and not mashing up his food