Baby’s First Meal Ideas

I asked my Instagram followers to tag me in a photo of their baby’s first meal (#BLWfirstmeal). I got a whole bunch of responses, and I want to share them with you!

If your baby is almost 6 months, and you’re wondering what to give first, here are some ideas!

A lot of folks stuck to the traditional avocado, or avocado and something else (like chicken): a great first food!


Many opted for sweet potatoes, or sweet potatoes and something else. In the picture below, (1) berries, plain Greek yogurt, sweet potato fries and noodles with butter and parmesan cheese (2) sweet potato, chicken, also toast and broccoli (3) asparagus, too.


I saw a lot of carrots! Here, you’ll see lots of broccoli, too. Also, bottom left? That’s some meat!


Another food I saw a lot? Bananas, of course!


There were a variety of fruits offered for baby’s first meal (baked apples, pears, peaches, oranges, and watermelon)…

FRUITSAnd there were lots of vegetables, too, like broccoli and peas. And many mamas gave a big hearty meal, including meats and other vegetables.

VEGGIESFinally, there were a few that didn’t quite fit into any “category” above! There’s toast, eggs, tacos, and even beef stew.




It was a lot of fun going through all these pictures!

Thanks to all the mamas who tagged me @blwideas and used the hashtag #BLWfirstmeal. Thanks to you, I was able to put this fun little post together.