Product Review: ezpz Happy Mat

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About the ezpz happy mat

Here’s a short video showing how it is used. It’s very straight-forward! NOTE: I thought that “ezpz fun” was the brand name. But that’s the website and Instagram name! The brand is just “ezpz”. Sorry!

[You can buy a single mat, in 4 colors, HERE on Amazon. You can buy other products on their site.]

A few things I want to mention/reiterate:

  • The mats are dishwasher safe.
  • The mats are microwave safe.
  • The mats are BPA-free. 
  • The mats are phthalate-free (What are phthlates? They are a group of chemicals often used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic.)
  • The mats are hypo-allergenic.
  • The mats are 100% silicone.

The mats “stick” to any smooth, clean and dry surface. The underside of the mat should be clean as well. To remove, just lift from any corner.

The mats are divided into 1 large section and 2 small sections.

The Pros and Cons

+ They stick really well to the dining room table, so Alexander is able to slide right up and eat next to us.

– They don’t fit onto our high chair’s tray. (We just leave off the tray so he can slide up to the table in the chair’s base.)

+ They are dishwasher-safe.

+ I like the compartments a lot, especially for things that like to roll around, like blueberries.

– I have a hard time drying them off. To be fair, I’m impatient. I tend to wash them by hand and then dry them by hand instead of letting them air dry in the dishwasher or a dish rack.

+ I like being able to fill the bowl mat with a snack and place it either on the floor or the coffee table in the living room. It allows Alexander to graze without knocking the bowl over.

Similar Products and Price Comparisons

I can’t accurately compare any of the other options because I’ve not used any other brands. But I do want to let you know what is out there, and what is obviously different about them.

IMPORTANT: I can’t find another product that’s exactly like this one. There are mats that stick to the table, but they aren’t divided. And there are divided trays that don’t stick to the table.

Summer Infant has the “Tiny Diner”, which is the most similar. It rolls us and is meant for use at restaurants, it seems. You stick it to the table and place food directly onto it. It doesn’t have divided sections for separate foods.

And there is no shortage of divided trays in bright colors. You can find several brands and several price points.

UPDATE: I hadn’t heard of the Gerber Meal Mat until after I wrote this review. It’s the most similar item that I could find. Just based on images alone (since I’ve not used it), it is visibly thinner. It is shown being folded up, for on-the-go. It also does not have the extra space outside of compartments, like the ezpz Happy Mat. That means food will likely end up on the table: with the Happy Mat, basically all mess stays on the mat. It falls under $10.00 USD. Here is a link to the product’s page. I’m obviously partial to the Happy Mat, and since I have not personally used this, my vote is still the Happy Mat! Please check out the options and find what is best for your family.

Let’s talk about PRICE:

I have two mats: the happy mat and the happy bowl

The happy mat retails for $24.99 and comes in 5 colors (gray, lime green, blue, hot pink, and coral).

The happy bowl retails for $19.99 and comes in the same 5 colors.

There are a few links up top where you can purchase, but if you missed it, HERE is where you can get the mat, and HERE is their site, where you can buy any of their products.

Conclusion (Would I buy it?, etc.)

Alexander is older, and I love that he can scoot straight up to the table and eat with us. It’s definitely something that we will use for a while.

If I hadn’t heard about the company, I would not have searched out this type of product. But now that I have tried them, I find that I use them (either the mat or the bowl) at every. single. meal. 

I love them! I’m definitely a fan. And I would definitely buy them. I will gift them. I will share them and recommend them. So far, it’s one of my favorite meal-time accessories. If you can swing it, I vote a big YES.

  • Esther Dupree

    I love this product. I found it when the TheBabyGuyNYC posted it from a product fair he went to. As soon as they came out I bought one. I love it. It has simplified our meal time and I just got the bowl recently at a local shop. It makes it easier for my 18 month old to use his fork and spoon since the bowl/plate don’t move around when he pushes against it with his utensils. My husband would love if they came out with a travel version.

    • blwideas

      I heard (not from the company directly) that they are coming out with a smaller size. I don’t know if it’s for travel or not though. A travel one would fold up I guess?