Cooking with Bethany #1


We’ll see how this goes, shall we? For now, I’ll call this #1, and if folks really enjoy them, I’ll make more.

And next time I’ll be more enthusiastic!

You know when you watch yourself (or hear your voice in a recording), it’s… alarming. So I have horrible posture. And I’m far less personable than I thought (did you know I was a high school teacher for 7 years before staying home as mom?). And… I don’t know how to fill quiet space. And I didn’t even NOTICE all the racket that the baby was making!

Anyway…. in this video (12 and a half minutes long), I go through the steps I take to make pancakes and scrambled eggs with fresh fruit on the side. Sounds boring, yes? But I know when I was first starting out with cooking, I would make one thing, then make another thing, and then do the third thing. Making pancakes and eggs a year ago would have taken me at least a half hour.


So this really takes about 15 minutes, in real time. I cut out a few parts where I’m rambling, making a mistake, putting items back into cabinets, etc.

If you’ve got pointers or have questions, please ask! If I make another one of these (and I’m sure I will), I’d like to address your questions and include things that you suggest. So please — PLEASE — comment!

Thanks so much for watching.