Fruit and Yogurt Pops

fruit and yogurt pops

Who doesn’t like a creamy ice pop? These simple treats are tasty and only require a few things!

First let’s talk about YOGURT. Yogurt is a dairy product, so if your little one has a dairy allergy or intolerance, see my notes at the bottom for substitutions! Otherwise, yogurt is fine at 6 months! The only dairy product that’s not okay under a year old is whole milk as a beverage. Additionally, look for full-fat (whole milk), plain yogurt. Don’t get vanilla or another flavor. You want something that says “whole milk” as the ingredient list. You may find some “baby-friendly” yogurts that have a ton of other stuff added to them. Keep it simple! Stick to the purest, most natural kind you can find. OR make your own yogurt (which, oddly enough, requires you to use a little yogurt as a starter…)!  Keep Reading!...

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