My BLW Alphabet Challenge Meal Plan

My Meal Plan

Here’s what I bought for the challenge!

Meats: quail, venison
Fruits: cranberries, papaya, tamarind
Veggies: alfalfa sprouts, Belgian endives, daikon, elephant garlic, golden beets, iceberg lettuce, jicama, leeks, Okinawan sweet potatoes, radishes, yucca, zucchini 
Grains: kaniwa, udon noodles, white quinoa
Other: flowers, hazelnut milk, muenster cheese, navy beans, seaweed, xylitol Keep Reading!...

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Baby Led Weaning Around The World

blw around the world

Last week, I asked my Instagram followers to share a picture (or 2 or 3) of their babies eating, and then TAG me in the image with the hashtag #BLWAroundTheWorld.

(click the pic for a full version) I got over 100 responses from 16 different countries, spanning 5 continents. While many photos demonstrated that we all eat the same things (roast beef, vegetables, oranges), there were several that showed dishes unique to that country! It was really fun to go through and compile all the images. Sadly, I couldn’t realistically include all the images, but I did my best to include a bunch of them. Keep Reading!...

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