What Can My Baby Eat? (6 Months)

I get this question a lot. It also looks like, “Is this suitable for a 6 month old?”

They are totally valid questions. I asked them, too, back when my big baby was a littler baby. It just doesn’t make sense to give your 6-month-old (6mo) a steak with mashed potatoes and green beans, does it? But alas… it IS okay. For most, though, that isn’t a comfortable idea. Keep Reading!...

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What is Baby Led Weaning?

What Is Baby Led Weaning?

“Weaning” means to introduce solids. It doesn’t necessarily mean that’s when you’d stop nursing.

“Baby Led” means that the baby leads the way. That means you never put food in your baby’s mouth. You don’t spoon feed. You don’t “top up” after feeding solids. You simply offer your baby some food, and he eats what he wants. Keep Reading!...

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