Spices in Baby Led Weaning

Today’s guest post is from Kelly Alberts, who blogs over HERE!

=&0=&   The other day I heard of a friend who had been making purees for her baby and was wearing herself out with all the prep work. She said she was hesitant to try baby led weaning because she uses a lot of garlic in cooking and didn’t want to just share her dinner with baby.   I did my best not to respond with sarcasm, but it was kind of a struggle.

I couldn’t understand where she got the idea that she shouldn’t feed her baby real food simply because it contained garlic… Maybe pediatricians are pushing bland, mushy, texture-less, flavor-less foods because of all the allergies they see. Or maybe people just genuinely believe that babies LIKE bland, texture-less foods. Or, I don’t know what. It’s bizarre to me.  Keep Reading!...

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Dealing with a Picky Toddler


This post is for the moms who have an older baby or toddler (18-36 months) who used to eat any and everything and have just stopped doing that. It’s accepted that babies who are weaned the baby led way tend to be less picky later in life. The biggest reason for that is that when you start with purées, your baby gets used to soft mushy foods and may not be interested in table foods because of texture. Another reason is that when you do BLW, you introduce a lot of foods and flavors and spices and textures. With TW (traditional weaning) you tend to stick to plain fruits and vegetables and meats. Less flavor, fewer spices.  Keep Reading!...

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