A Whole30 Meal Plan Under $100 (And My First Vlog)

whole30 meal plan youtube cover

In this post, I talk about (a) the dirty dozen foods, (b) low-cost meals, and (c) a Whole30 week meal plan for 2 adults and 1 toddler. Below is the vlog you can watch as well! I am using a separate YouTube channel where I’ll share meal plans, grocery hauls, toddler activities, adventures in Montessori homeschooling, house projects, and more! I’d love if you subscribe! Keep Reading!...

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Clear The Fridge Meal Plan For The Week

this weeks meal plan

I’m going to have a baby around the end of January 2016. I plan to have at least 1 month of meals, in the freezer, for the month-plus after the baby comes. I figure I’ll have folks here to help out and cook fresh for/with me, but once all that slows down, I want to have some meals in the freezer that are easy to throw into a crock pot or into the oven. Once I come up with that plan and the meals I want to use, I’ll totally share them with you guys! Keep Reading!...

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