Product Review: PlanetBox BottleRocket Water Bottle

planetbox bottlerocket water bottle review

I want to share my opinions on the PlanetBox BottleRocket water bottle. It’s a brand new product, so I was really excited to get to try it out! What you’ll find in this review:

About the BottleRocket Water Bottle

Here’s a video I put together to demonstrate how it looks “in person” and how it works. It’s pretty straightforward, but video works better than pictures for this!

To recap, the bottle is stainless steel and dishwasher safe. The parts are all removable. I didn’t show it in the video, but the bottom piece also pops right off. It has ridges for easier grip. There’s a locking mechanism so that you can’t accidentally press the “open” button. Simply pop open the cap to have a drink and snap it back closed when you’re done. It’s made to hold 11 ounces of cold liquid. 

It’s meant for ages 3 and up (according to the website), but Alexander drinks from this one on a regular basis. I would not let him walk around with a drink or food anyway, so this is no different! I help him hold it and have a quick drink. 

The Pros and Cons

I’ll start with the pros! 

  • It’s lightweight.
  • I love the locking mechanism so that you can’t accidentally open it and make a mess.
  • It’s totally spill and leak-proof (unless you forget to lock it and you accidentally open it!).
  • It fits nicely into my car’s cup holder.
  • I like the feel in my hand: the ridges make it feel more secure.
  • The spout is far easier to drink from than just an open mouthed bottle.
  • I have been drinking more water since I received it!
  • It’s easy to wash, easy to fill, easy to use.
  • It’s attractive, in my opinion.
  • It’s BPA-free.
  • It keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours. (I tested this on accident!)
  • PlanetBox is a great company with a reputation for high-quality products.

Now, the cons:

  • It only holds 11 ounces.
  • It can’t be used for hot beverages.
  • It’s too big for Alexander to use on his own (though, to be fair, they don’t suggest using it under 3 years of age)!

Similar Products

I did a little bit of digging. 

Personally, we have a few containers that are meant to transport beverages. One of them is metal and made for hot drinks, and it has a wide mouth. It gets gross easily and is hard to clean. And I don’t like drinking from the wide mouth (I have to stop before I take a sip so that I don’t spill it). The second is a traditional plastic water bottle with a pop-open top. It is fine, holds a lot of liquid, but it drips if you turn it upside down. 

I found several containers out there that are similar: they are stainless steel, claim to be spill-proof, BPA-free, and some even have a spout for drinking.

What I didn’t find was many that had a grip on the outside like this one. Also, there were none that had this particular spout (it’s because the BottleRocket spout has a patent pending).

The Pricing

I know that’s one of the biggest factors when making any purchase. You have to weight quality against price. 

The two containers we already own: The metal one was around $20.00, several years ago. The plastic one was about $15.00.

The similar products on the market run anywhere from $18 to $30, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

The BottleRocket is $28.00. 


First let me say, I am not a salesperson for PlanetBox. I was not paid for my opinion: I was just given the BottleRocket to try and review! So the conclusions below are my actual opinions on the product.

1. Consider some of the products you have for your baby. You may have a special plate that grips to the table. Those can run more than $20.00 each. There are regular divided plates that only cost $5.00. But you get the grippy one because it makes more sense for your baby. We often spend a little extra on things because of that one special feature, something that makes it work better for your baby/toddler/child.

2. The BottleRocket is $28.00, which is more expensive than some other products out there. The special feature here is the drinking spout. It’s intuitive for your baby since he/she is used to a bottle or nipple. There are 3 other types of mouths/spouts out there: (1) There’s an open mouth, which is tough for a baby at first (though not impossible). (2) There’s the standard sports bottle spout that takes a strong jaw to really get any liquid (unless you squeeze the bottle to squirt out the water… that seemed confusing… THIS is what I mean). And (3) there’s the type with an attachable straw (that may work okay if your baby is good with using a straw)!

3. Would I purchase this? Let me explain how I went about this decision. I was gifted this product for the purpose of this review. Before trying it, I would likely not have spent $28.00 on it since I don’t use a water bottle much anyway. But over the past week and a half, I have used it intentionally, just to see how I liked it. And I really do. I really like it. Now, after it’s said and done, I would spend the $28.00 on it without question.

A Story and a Gif

I cut out dairy about 7 weeks ago. That means my morning coffee needs almond or coconut milk.

When I am out and about, I like to hit Starbucks sometimes. I was excited to hear that they had added coconut milk to their menu! I went in one day and asked to see the container, so I could check the ingredients. Turns out it has a lot of stuff in it: Water, coconut cream, cane sugar, tricalcium phosphate, coconut water concentrate, and 9 other things. “Cane sugar?” I asked myself. “Nooo!” <sad face>

I was pretty bummed out. I didn’t want added sugar in my coffee, even if it was a small amount. Plus, my coconut milk at home had two ingredients: coconut milk, water. 

So I had to change up my plans. I started carrying a tiny Tupperware container filled with about 2 ounces of coconut or almond milk. I would get a drink, take off the lid, pour in the milk, stir, and add the lid.

Then things changed

I got this BottleRocket in the mail. And I decided to try something new. The weather was getting nicer, so an iced coffee would be perfect! I filled the BottleRocket with about 2 ounces of the good coconut milk at home. I drove to Starbucks and asked for my container to be filled with iced coffee. (It is a tall size by the way.) It simply mixed with the coconut milk already in the container and I saved money since they give a discount for using your own container! Win-win!

Since then I have used this container nearly every time I have left the house.

Hashtag true story.

Now, here is a gif. My husband was trying to take some pictures of me for this review. And the “turn to the side and take a drink” ones were a disaster. It just never looked natural. *smile*

bottlerocket gif

Buy the BottleRocket

If you want to buy the BottleRocket for yourself (or your baby/toddler/kid), you can CLICK HERE!*

*That’s an affiliate link. It means if you purchase anything via that link, I get a tiny commission. It doesn’t change the fact that this post was totally honest and upfront. But I have to let you know that! You don’t pay anything extra because you use that link. It just helps me keep my blog alive!

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful!