Baby-Friendly Waffles

baby friendly waffles

What do I mean by baby-friendly? The main thing, for me, is processed sugar. You won’t find any recipes here that have added sugar. I use fruit as the sweetener. And I’ll offer suggestions for an add-on that’s got sugar in it, for the adults!

This recipe also has no added salt. 

And this particular recipe is dairy-free and gluten-free and nut-free. You can swap out the eggs for 1 banana, and you’ve got yourself an allergy-friendly waffle recipe!

Since Alexander is two years old now (!!), I added a little maple syrup to our shared plate. I also added sliced bananas. You can add some peanut butter, or almond butter, or shredded coconut, or honey (if baby is over the age of 1 year), or strawberries, or whipped cream (!), and the list goes on. There are plenty of toppings that are also baby-friendly. Primarily, fresh fruit. You can add coconut whipped cream as well, which has no added sugar if you make it yourself.




Makes 6 waffles, Good for 6 months and up


  • 2/3 cup flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour)
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 2 eggs (or swap 1 mashed banana if you want these to be egg-free)
  • 2-3 tsp ground cinnamon, depending on how strong you want that flavor to be
  • 1/3-1/2 cup milk (I used coconut)


  1. Mix the first 4 ingredients.
  2. Slowly add in the milk until you’ve reached the desired consistency. My batter was not super runny, like I’ve seen other waffle batters. If it ends up too runny, add some mashed banana or some extra flour (just 1 tbsp at a time).
  3. Heat your waffle maker. I have a George Foreman grill with waffle attachments. I set it to 350F, and these took about 5 minutes per two waffles.
  4. Cook the waffles until they’re golden brown.
  5. Top them however you’d like, then serve! 

For your baby, I would just plop one whole waffle in front of him. And offer any toppings as “sides”. 

These should freeze great. Let them cool, place them into a freezer bag, and then freeze them for 3-4 weeks. To reheat? You can heat them in the oven, microwave, or even the toaster.

  • AnaCarol Amorim

    Just made it and i love it! Thanks to share! My 8 months baby ate it, my husband and I! It was a delicious breakfast! I also share it on my blog too =)
    Tks again! XOXOXO Ana

    • blwideas

      So glad you enjoyed!

  • Massive hit with our 7mo!

    • blwideas


  • Intan Maruli M

    What do you think of using instant coconut milk? I cant get a fresh one around

    • blwideas

      That should be fine! Any milk really would work, I believe.

    • blwideas

      I’m just seeing this comment! I’m so sorry about that. If you mean canned coconut milk, that should be just fine. That’s what I used too. I’m not sure what instant coconut milk is!