3 Recipe Videos: I’m on YouTube!

I started a YouTube page! As of last night, about half of the videos I’ve made are public. I’ll make the rest public in a few days. There aren’t many, but I plan to add 1-2 a week until I run out of ideas.

This is an old recipe I’ve shared several times, but I wanted to make a video too. When you play the video below, you’ll find the muffin recipe. After the video plays, you should be able to watch the other recipe videos I’ve published. EDIT: I embedded the other two videos below as well: spinach pinwheels and baked apples.

(If you want to see the print recipe, go to this pin on Pinterest.)




PLEASE let me know if there’s anything I should do differently in other recipe videos! I have a few critiques of my own now that I’ve watched it 10 times over 2 days. But I would love YOUR feedback. Email me at bethany @ blwideas.com OR leave a comment below. Thanks!!