A Note About Peanuts

A NoteAboutPeanutsA lot of people are very nervous about peanut butter. And rightly so. I’m sure you’re aware that a peanut butter allergy is really scary stuff. 

Here’s what you should know about a peanut allergy and how it could affect your baby:

First, when someone says that there’s a “history of allergy”, they are really referring to immediate relatives. That means, does your baby’s mom, dad, or sibling(s) have a peanut allergy? If NOT, chances are, your baby won’t either. (Source)

Even if there is a history of allergy, you don’t necessarily need to worry that your baby will.

Before 2008, it was thought that exposing babies early to peanuts would increase the likelihood of their developing an allergy. But after more research was conducted, it’s now believed that introducing them early can actually keep them from developing the allergy.

If you don’t have peace of mind about it, there’s no need to offer peanut butter to your baby! I love peanut butter. My husband and I eat a lot of it. So it only makes sense that we would at least offer it to our baby from time to time. (For the record, Alexander loves peanut butter.)

The other issue with peanuts is choking! Whole nuts and peanuts are most definitely a choking hazard. While nut butters are perfectly fine (outside of the allergy issue I just mentioned), whole nuts are to be avoided until your kid has loads of teeth. There’s no set age on that; but if you’re confident that your child can put a peanut in his mouth, chew it thoroughly, and then swallow it, then go for it.

I know, for me, that won’t be for a long time. He’s only got 4 teeth right now. 🙂

If you’ve got questions, please let me know! I linked to a few articles I found, and there is more information if you click them.